Service Level Agreements

Service LevelAgreements

At Kairos, we offer a full range of support contract options to those clients who value their computer network and IT systems for their day-to-day operations. In order to minimize your downtime in the event of an IT problem occurring, we provide a service agreement that guarantees fast, reliable & professional assistance. Under our support contracts we deliver a guaranteed response ranging  from 4 to 1 hour. Our team will always prioritize Line of business critical issues – with ServiceDesk, Remote Support and telephone technical support.

We offer tailored contract’s that provide consistency and peace of mind.With a Kairos support contract if you have any issue with your IT, you simply call us and we will fix it for you. It’s that simple! We also offer various other contracts that allow our clients to purchase support time from Kairos. When a client purchases a tailored contract they can avail of a reduced rate whenever we provide you with additional IT services.

Each contract and client is different so contact us to arrange an assessment of your own business-specific needs.